Orion Framework is a recon and attack framework. This framework is intended for and was tested with Kali Linux. Orion Framework currently contains one module "Orion's toolbelt". There are many other modules in development.

Here is a list of what Orion can preform on the network and domain end of recon:


ping target

detect operating system

detect service version

do traceroute

udp & tcp port scan

intense scan (no ping)

Target Geolocation

acquire information about the registry and contact names

get http headers and display the transaction

scan target server for dangerous files, outdated versions ... etc

whatweb scan

ssl check

check if domain uses load balancing

web app firewall detection

detect application at given port

preform directory and file check

robots.txt check

dynamic tests

static tests

collect web server and server information

blindelephant scan

scan for netBIOS name

ping sweep

retrieve netBIOS state

live host identification

retrieve information on host

search for possible email addresses

search URL for data (md5 mysql wordpress domain img zip exe ) etc

run the harvester

domain availability checker

page ranker

domain age checker

get alexa rank

generate and test domain typos

whois look up

run automator

dns look up

reverse dns

mx lookup

dns zone transfer

find (SOA) record in a zone file

brute force DNS

dns record viewer

trace a chain of dns servers to the source

link extractor and checker

There is also Google Minerva. Minerva can be used for both people and network recon. Named after Minerva , the goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. Minerva is a search module for Orion Framework. Minerva makes easy utilization of advanced operators with any given search term. Each set of results are separately displayed in their own window. Many additional options havve been added since this screenshot was taken.


The toolbelt also has a payload and backdoor builder for these platforms.









Orion's toolbelt also has a DDOS module


You can download 0rion Framework @

There is also a SERVER EDITION 0rion Framework being developed and many additional modules and additions to already existing abilities.

There is also a colaberation between Hacker Mode, which can be found here

and 0rion Framework to combine all the tools and functions into a Alexa skill

The 0rion Framework Hacker Mode can be found on github here

modules that are coming soon:

camera hacking module

IOT hacking module

3D shodan search module

Alexa "hacker mode" compatability

more tools

auto attack mode

If you are interested in joining the development team

Send a email to